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She had this to say yesterday:. She responded yes. Coco had a language arts assignment tonight to describe a challenge she has had in her life and what she might have learned from it or how it changed her. The directions are to write non-stop for ten minutes. We went a little over ten minutes here, but I felt she wanted to complete her thought.

This is not a new subject for her to write about, but every time she describes her experience I am reminded of what it must feel like to walk in her shoes every day and I am also reminded of her resilience and mostly positive attitude. This is the first poem that Coco has been inspired to write for a few weeks. We are having a beautiful, lazy, beach-filled summer.

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I think that is what Coco was trying to do here. Skip to content. Night Posted on March 11, by jaysseh. She is louder than the insects tonight She tells me there is a snake in the tomato patch Inside is quiet Giving over to rest Stars begin their chatter Night begins Advertisements. Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment. Posted in Uncategorized 8 Comments. Dare to Dream Posted on December 2, by jaysseh. Coco did this at home and her mother writes in caps. Posted in Uncategorized 2 Comments. My Voice Posted on May 2, by jaysseh. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. Autism Sucks Posted on April 5, by jaysseh.

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Lawyer with autism finds her voice

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Year-Old Sophia Benoit Found Her Voice On Twitter

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By discovering and developing their potential, the girls become more independent and self-confident. You have the power to react how you want to react. During the academic year, a group of teen leaders participate in the youth-led program which teaches girls about the importance of community service and the power of philanthropy. With the guidance of advisors, students meet weekly to continue their learning, research social issues, plan community service projects and strategize for fundraising.

The YWGC collectively chooses to focus, for nine months, on a problem to solve within their community. They then work as a team to raise awareness about the issue they chose and coordinate fundraisers to give back to a selected nonprofit that is associated with their cause. Amani was so inspired by the experience, she gave back to the YWGC.

We Found a Stalker in the Vent..

This year, Amani led a YWGC group that chose to take a closer look at mental health in their community, with a focus on sexual assault and self-care. The young women worked throughout the school year to create posters with information on how to speak to sexual assault victims, their families and their friends.

They hung the posters around Camp ABC and provided them to the counselors. I learned from her that she would be unable to rely on hormones or any kind of pharmaceutical help to transition her voice along with the rest of her, so she has to retrain her old voice to match her new body, and her true identity. I think about how my friend will learn to find her true voice, and eventually, express anger with a vocal quality that will probably be soft and contained, no matter how much fire is raging inside her. Something about all these learnings and memories makes me think that when a woman finally finds her true voice — not in a metaphorical way but a literal one — she is at that moment also allowing herself to feel her true rage, and that rage is a glowing light in the center of her somewhere, not a toxic substance to rid herself of, as she would have been made to believe.

And if our voices are the most powerful conduit for our anger — the vehicle by which our superpower can most potently be felt — we need to begin to let it all rise to the top together. Like superheroes learning how to control their newly discovered gifts, it will be a little messy at first. But once I heard that animal sound come out of me at a threatening presence on the street, once I heard my own real sound come out in front of so many other women hearing their own real sounds, I think I knew that there would be no putting that particular genie back into the bottle.

It was just a matter of better understanding it. My two-year-old Nina has a naturally loud voice, and has not yet been socialized out of using it at its fullest. Oh yes, two-year-olds of all genders have no qualms about displaying their rage by clawing the face of the person who just snatched their toy… more evidence for anger being a natural state of being? We were all shushed while growing up, particularly little girls with sharp tongues or lung capacity, who, as these fierce authors tease out in great detail, will only continue to be told to shut up throughout their lives in one form or another.

What would the world look like if the sound of a little girl screaming at her big brother was a positive sign of vitality, or an encouraged step toward finding the mighty warrior within her? I have suckled the wolfs lip of anger and I have used it for illumination, laughter, protection, fire in places where there was no light, no food, no sisters, no quarter.

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