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E-Business Saves Money

Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Browse Media Trends Reports. E-commerce Industry in India Latest update: August, Introduction The e-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. In September , Flipkart acquired Israel based analytics start-up Upstream Commerce that will help the firm to price and position its products in an efficient way. Paytm has launched its bank - Paytm Payment Bank. Paytm bank is India's first bank with zero charges on online transactions, no minimum balance requirement and free virtual debit card As of June , Google is also planning to enter into the E-commerce space by November India is expected to be its first market.

Reliance retail is going to launch online retail this year. It has already launched its food and grocery app for beta testing among its employees.

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The rapid advancements in gadgets, internet access, bid data, and cutting-edge research are paving a way for a more interactive relationship between businesses and consumers. Thus the upcoming technological innovations are waiting to shape an astounding future of e-commerce. To a large extent, the future of e-commerce will be dominated by customer experience CX.

Personalization is going to play a key role in terms of encouraging people to become loyal customers. Using personalization to reach audiences on any device creates multiple touch points and a more seamless customer experience. As innovation continues to advance, retailers will be able to provide a highly tailored, individual experience to engage with and support their customers.

It effectively infers the needs of consumers in the moment they interact with a particular brand. This approach is truly about providing the unique individual customer experience based on their timing and intent. With this greater immediacy and relevance, there will be a further increase in response rates, conversions, and sales.

Retail Tech Is Changing How We Shop

A good quality of website says a lot about the business, so making it attractive will be even more important in successful online sales and marketing. A well-designed website with personalized elements will be helpful in communicating the message efficiently to the target audience. The evolution of voice search and voice-activated devices will change the way people do their shopping online.

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  4. Many experts believe that voice commerce represents the next major disruption in the retail industry. Today, digital assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have already made a lot of noise in the market. With further advancements in this technology, people will feel more comfortable using them.

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    Voice search is going to make online shopping much easier because it will curate recommendations and search results more easily according to individual needs. For example, a user is shopping for groceries.

    Technology and e-commerce in India

    He can just tell Alexa about his special dietary requirements, and in response he will automatically get everything matching to his specific needs. Voice search is great for repeat customers, too. Most Popular. These are the best cities for work-life balance in Johnny Wood 27 Sep For small island nations, climate change is not a threat. More on the agenda. Forum in focus.

    Global Alliance speeds up international trade — unlocking unprecedented investment and growth benefits. Read more about this project. Explore context. Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis.

    Five trends shaping the future of e-commerce in China

    This article is part of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions. Here are five future trends to look out for in China's e-commerce landscape. China's growing domination of the global e-commerce market is set to continue. How 'daigou' - unofficial sellers of goods from overseas - fit in China's e-commerce ecosystem.

    5 Ways Technology Is Changing Ecommerce

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