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Numerous examples of text analysis using the categories introduced, and discussion about what the analysis shows.

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The third edition is updated throughout, and is based closely on the fourth edition of Halliday and Matthiessen's Introduction to Functional Grammar. Introducing Functional Grammar remains the essential entry guide to Hallidayan functional grammar, for undergraduate and postgraduate students of language and linguistics.

Introducing Functional Grammar.

Geoff Thompson. No prior knowledge of formal linguistics is required as the book provides: An opening chapter on the purpose of linguistic analysis, which outlines the differences between the two major approaches to grammar - functional and formal.

7. Processes, Participants and Circumstances (Section 3)

An overview of the SFG model - what it is and how it works. Exercises to test comprehension, along with answers for guidance.

Introducing Functional Grammar (3rd ed, 2014)

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