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The former amps up all your lightning damage, while the latter gives you a serious damage boost any time you loot chests, corpses, or loose stones which is often. Do you consider yourself a gentle giant, smashing faces in one moment and dancing to "Let's Groove" in the next? Follow that up by getting your opponents quaking in their boots with the Ground Stomp skill and Scattering Blast rune," says Ackerman. Pull your enemies to you with Earthquake and the Cave-In rune, and watch the earth crumble at their feet. Get a nice, fury-driven gust going with Whirlwind and the Hurricane rune to suck up anyone trying to escape your grasp.

Finish them off by burying them in rubble with Avalanche , throwing on the Tectonic Rift rune to be able to store additional charges. Take a little bit of the mighty Thor and his powerful, electrified hammers. Add in a dash of Captain America's chain-slamming shield throws. Shake it up and drop it into the realm of Sanctuary, and you've got something akin to this thematic Crusader build.

This Legendary flail will automatically make your holy hammers will orbit you as you move, no rune necessary. That's but a mere sampling of all the zany, off-the-wall builds that are now possible in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Got any personal favorites you'd like to share? Leave us a comment below with whatever crazy themed build you've seen or concocted yourself!

Let's get weird Variety is the spice of life, especially when you're killing demons and fallen angels by the thousands. Traveling Zoo Demon Hunter If you played Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, you probably recall how the Druid class could create a veritable army of animal companions at his side. Electric Trampoline Wizard The Wave of Force ability has a pretty excellent animation, with the Wizard leaping into the air with a blast of pure energy and liquefying any unfortunate ghouls beneath them. Slaying outside the box That's but a mere sampling of all the zany, off-the-wall builds that are now possible in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

See comments. Topics Action RPG. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. You'll want to keep your party behind you, while you break lines and send the enemies flying. Just make sure that if you're playing this build, you're not playing with other characters dependent on herding so they can utilize AOE effects, since you'll be working in opposition. What you need with this build are characters with focus fire.

You wade in and smash heads, while they pick off anything you punt out of the crowd. That'll give you a nice ranged attack, a way of getting right into the thick of the action, and a powerful cone attack.

A Witch's Spell (Camfield Novels of Love, book 9) by Barbara Cartland

Basically, Leap into the action, and then start backing up. What you want to be doing here is trying to get enemies in front of you, so you can pulverize them with your cone and AOE attacks.

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Done right, you can absolutely flatten everything. Pair this with another AOE character, or one that fires projectiles that go through creatures, and you'll have a grin-inducing combo. If you like the idea of casting swarms of minions, and watching while they go to town on the enemy, then what you need is Plague of Toads, Locust Swarms, Fetish Army, and Zombie Dogs.

They'll provide plenty of chums to keep you company, while Mass Confusion will persuade the enemies to fight for you, adding even more oomph to your personal army — albeit temporarily. The last slot is personal preference. Wall of Zombies or Piranhas can be a lot of fun if you really want to go to town on the theme of this build, while Zombie Charger gives you one additional powerful minion to work with.

Acid Cloud is also useful if you want additional AOE power.

With this build, you want to keep your distance and let your minions do the work for you. In that sense, this build can sometimes feel a little boring, because you're not exactly the one doing the slaying, but as you level up, it becomes increasingly more entertaining. A slightly odd build, but one that offers a different playstyle to most involves using Firebomb, Grasp of the Dead and Acid Cloud. That combination — especially at higher levels — causes AOE zones that can be deadly to the enemy.

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What else you take depends on how you like to play. But we recommend Zombie Dogs, Sacrifice and Gargantuan. Sacrifice gives you some good tricks up your sleeve, while the minions can mop up monsters that survive your AOE of doom. This build is excellent, but be careful you don't get surrounded. Drop your AOE on the floor, and kite monsters through it repeatedly.

Finally, this build initially looks like a mish-mash of skills, but actually, there's a lot of synergy here that lets a player with good timing stack up damage boosters to lay down some fierce offense. Big Bad Voodoo is what you want to take eventually, but probably not until level 44, when it really comes into its own.

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Until then, either of the other spells will suffice. Timing is everything with this character, and you need to be constantly moving, because you have little in the way of control spells. Use Soul Harvest and Hex whenever they're up, and let rip. This build delivers very strong direct damage, so make sure you always stay focused on the biggest threats first, and then take out the smaller stuff. The Crusader class is melee, but doesn't always feel like it with this build. Smite and Blessed Shield give your damage-dealing capabilities some range, and Condemn and Bombardment add additional options to the same end.

A Witch's Spell

Defensively, Shield Glare and Laws of Hope are good ones to take - the latter spell's continued healing effect is very useful. This build involves more sitting back than most melee characters. Timing is key, and you want to be using your spells when MOBs begin to group up, so you can maximize your output.

If you want to try healing, this build is an odd one, but strangely effective. Slash and Sweep Attack work well together, and if you're in the thick of battle, you can effectively smash through enemy lines. Steed Charge and Falling Sword give you mobility, while also dishing out some quality damage. Finally, Consecration and Laws of Hope provide this build's healing aspect. This is a highly mobile build, enabling you to charge around the battlefield dishing out impressive sweeping damage, while also looking after your party. This is not a tank build, even though it plays like one, so don't forget that you can use your mobility spells to get yourself out of trouble just as quickly as they got you into it.

The Crusader can also make an effective tank. Smite is where you need to start, and then add Shield Bash to give yourself battlefield mobility so you can get to MOBs before they get to anyone else.

Simple Money Bowl Spell -- Spellwork

Iron Skin makes you a tougher target to take down - especially when you double down with Laws of Justice. Provoke is a classic tank taunt spell, while Akarat's Champion offers some utility - especially at later levels.

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  • Play this build like a typical tank. Get right into the thick of things, and use your cooldowns on rotation to stay alive. Don't make the mistake of saving your damage-reduction spells until you're low on health. Use them when you're taking damage at high health, which will give you a lot more room to react if things start going wrong. You really don't want to be trying to get away from critters when you have just a sliver of health. The latest class to be added to Diablo 3 is the Necromancer. This is a build with a lot of reach, thanks to the Bone Spear that you can launch in any direction.

    The best, and most useful part of playing Necromancer is the crowd-control possibility. It can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by large hordes in Diablo 3, so bringing a Necromancer along for the ride can really help turn the tables.